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Pictures from the 2015 UCJCI Senate Meeting / Region 1 Fall Frolic

September 25-27, 2015
Photographs (and capitons) by Cathy Cahoon

Click a picture for a larger version of that picture.

Barry Evans from CAN & CT Nancy Gianetti

Bob King, Fran & Jeff Kass, Bill Potochuk

Bonnie Blaisdell & Sandy Samoncik serving lunch

CT Cathy Dempsey

CT serving lunch

Ed & Linda Stonaha Gorzilany

Good group from REG 1

Herb Jescke gives report from RI.

Jim Powers, Sue & Jack, Jan.

Jim, Diane, Sue & Calvin

Kathy Doherty,Bob Westendorf ,Kathy Collins, Charlie Dick, Karen Thomson

Nancy, Martha & Cathy

Tom & Val Jablonowski

Who's taking a picture of whom

Region 1

Tom & Val Jablonowski, Brenda DiCarlo, Vin & Marguerita Lentini

Bonnie, Paul & Kathy, Bob Westendorff


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